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Every room in our recovery house is designed to offer you maximum comfort.

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Immerse yourself in the serenity of Punta Cana, where the turquoise blue of the ocean meets miles of soft white sands. Here, every day is a new adventure. Swim with colorful fish in vibrant coral reefs, savor exquisite local dishes overlooking the sea, or simply relax under the shade of a palm tree with your favorite book. In Punta Cana, you can rediscover tranquility or feed your adventurous spirit with exciting water activities such as kite surfing, paddle boarding, and much more.

Featured Services

VIP Xperiences: Enhancing Your Natural Beauty, with Precision and Artistry from the hand of the most exceptional Plastic Surgeons in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Manuel Peralta

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. José Mora

Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Yili de Los Santos

Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Primavera Quirot

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jairo Ulerio

Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Danivel Cespedes

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Manuel Torreira

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. José Luis Mejía

Cirujano Plástico

Dra. Ana Feliz

Orafacial Harmonization

Dr. David Quiroz

Bariatric Surgeon (Mx)

Dra. Yelena González


Dr. Delgis Arias

Bariatric Surgeon (Rd)


We trust the best brands and top-level organizations to provide you with a unique experience.


Start your surgery journey today! Schedule a clarity session.

Focus session to clear doubts and fears regarding your surgical procedure. In this session we will put into perspective your expectations, budget and selection of your surgeon and any other detail that affects your surgery. Bringing PEACE and lighting the way so that your surgery is SAFE and with a HAPPY result.

The Hollywood´s secret: facial harmonization and smile desing

Your face is your letter of introduction to the world.

Our Popular Service Lines

Plastic Surgery

Certified Plastic Surgeons updated in the most modern techniques, instruments and surgical technologies.

Bariatric Surgeons

Certified Bariatric Surgeons updated in the most modern techniques, instruments and surgical technologies.

Orofacial Specialists

Certified Specialist Dentists and Aesthetic Doctors updated in the most modern techniques, instruments.

Nutrition Specialist Doctors

What the science of nutrition says in practical applications for everyday life. Re-educating the way you eat, applying scientific evidence judiciously, adapting it to your reality.

Over Nigth Nurse

Passion for patient care is our greatest strength: our highly qualified and service-minded nurses are ready to assist you with a wide range of medical care, from medication administration to constant monitoring and emotional support.

Medical Tourism Dominican Republic

Here, in the heart of the Dominican Republic, you will find world-renowned plastic surgeons, known for their skill, precision, and transformative results. Specializing in a wide range of procedures, from facial rejuvenation and body contouring to more complex procedures, our team is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and achieving your aesthetic vision.


We understand that safety and well-being are your priorities, which is why we have created an insurance package that covers your most important needs: your health and your means of transportation.


If you are in the United States, Canada or the Dominican Republic, we have the ideal financing for your surgical procedure.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Imagine immersing yourself in an environment of tranquility where each breath is a step toward faster recovery, better oxygenation, and renewed vitality. Our hyperbaric chamber is designed to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, which accelerates tissue healing, improves brain function, and relieves chronic conditions.

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Authentic beauty, eternal confidence, that's Xperience by Lefny.

Authentic beauty, with a promise of transformation and empowerment. Every procedure we perform is a fusion of art, science and personalized dedication eternal trust.

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our Plastic Surgery preparation course

Reduce anxiety and fear of your surgical procedure with our course "Prepare for your Plastic Surgery"

On some occasions, the lack of information that potential patients who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery have, causes them to go to personnel with a lack of training or with an academic background that does not make them suitable for performing or coordinating this type of procedures, which which leads to results that affect your quality of life.

In the following course I will give you in detail the steps and considerations that you must have when performing plastic surgery, in its phases: pre-surgical and post-surgical.


We are your best option for medical tourism for the Dominican Republic

We understand that each patient is unique. We offer you personalized plans that adapt to your specific health and wellness needs.

Medical Excellence

We have accredited Clinics and highly qualified health professionals, committed to providing you with first-class care..

Advanced technology

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure safe and effective procedures.


We offer surgical plans with an excellent cost-benefit ratio for our patients, without compromising quality or safety.

Complete VIP Packages

We offer packages that include medical treatment, luxury accommodations, and concierge services for a stress-free experience.


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Upcoming Events And Group Tavel Dates

Vip Group Xperience Dominican Republic May 20 to 26 (10px)

Live our group experience for plastic surgery in Santo Domingo or Santiago.

Bariatric Xperience Cancun 2024

Bariatric Surgery in Cancun in the best clinic with Dr. David Guadarrama.

Vip Individual Xperience Dominican Republic 2024

Lefny Díaz top surgery advisor will fly out providing one on one counseling through the process.


Nutritional experience with our team of nutritionists focused on healthy goals for your surgery or to maintain the results obtained.

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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

How can I get a quote for my Surgery?

The first step to obtain the quote or budget for your plastic surgery is to fill out the pre-surgical assessment form that you find at the beginning of the web portal, since thanks to it we will be able to send you the budget as clearly as possible since each patient and health condition is different.

How does financing work?

Financing is available for residents of the United States and Canada. The approved amount will depend on your credit rating and compliance with certain requirements that will be explained to you if you are interested in financing your plastic surgery. In the Dominican Republic, financing, in addition to meeting the requirements, requires a vehicle warranty. For more information you can contact us.

What happens to the initial deposit amount to secure my date and plastic surgery?

The deposit amount is deducted from the total cost of your plastic surgery and guarantees that everything is ready for the time, date, clinic and medical equipment you have selected for your procedure.

What types of insurance can I get with you?

Generally we sell insurance for vehicles, real estate and medical complications, but you can consult and we will gladly process your request and we will surely find a way to help you with your request.

Do you only work with the doctors who appear on your website?

The doctors who request me the most appear on the portal, but I work with the majority from the Dominican Republic and some other countries who are fully certified in their different areas, who have completed their academic preparation and are legally registered in the countries where they practice their professions. If you want to quote with a doctor and by chance it is not published on this web portal, you can send your question to the email info@lefnydiaz.com and we will gladly respond to your request.

How can I place this portal in my language?

You can select the languages by pressing the globe icon that you see at the bottom right, there the flags of the different languages will be displayed, to select the Spanish language select the flag of Spain.

What is the validity period of the quote received?

Quotes are generally valid for 30 days.