Do you need a recovery house?
Order our packages from the comfort of your own home

Discover the peace of mind and care you deserve.
In our recovery oasis in the Dominican Republic, every detail is designed for your comfort and serenity after plastic surgery. Your road to recovery will be as pleasurable as it is transformative.

Expert Professionals at your Service. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to your well-being and recovery. With first-class medical care, post-operative therapies and emotional support, we assure you comprehensive accompaniment at every moment of your stay.

Include 🏡:

Fresh Juices
24/7 Doctors & Nurses Service
Hospital Beds
Bottled Water
AC in all rooms

Here at our recovery home, we provide you with the space, care, and ideal environment to start this exciting chapter with the best version of you. At locations in the Capital Transportation (round trip airport and 3 post-surgical appointments)

* Transportation is guaranteed as long as you enter through the airport where your doctor is located. If you enter through an airport outside the area where your doctor is located, you will have to quote the costs of the transfer.